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is lionbridge difficult

How Difficult Is It To Work For Lionbrdge

Let’s just say, it is not as difficult as you think. The part which most individuals find hard is the qualifying exam conducted by Lionbridge. The exam is tough and will need your attention and hard work. It has three sets of questions based on the guidelines which assess your theoretical and practical knowledge. If…

Appen approval timings

How Long Does Appen Take To Review Application

Appen may immediately communicate you for an assignment after you register but it may take as long as six months for them to reply back. After six months you have an option to re-apply for the assignment. Often they get a lot of registration for a specific assignment due to the very nature of online…

Appen Selection

How To Pass Appen Qualification Test

You have to log in and register with Appen before you start getting assignments from work projects. Also, you need to have a basic equipment infrastructure with you which includes a smartphone that is not more than 3 years old, a computer with a sound card and speaker, and decent internet connectivity. Many a times,…