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Lionbridge vs Appen


Work from home opportunities is such a savior when it comes to financial stability as it provides numerous projects to work on and there are companies hiring remote workers all around the world to complete various tasks that are related to testing, data research, data entry, language, etc. People are easily able to earn and…

is lionbridge difficult

How Difficult Is It To Work For Telus

Let’s just say, it is not as difficult as you think. The part which most individuals find hard is the qualifying exam conducted by Lionbridge. The exam is tough and will need your attention and hard work. It has three sets of questions based on the guidelines which assess your theoretical and practical knowledge. If…

Is Lionbridge Legit

Is Telus Legit

Lionbridge is one of the most popular choices for online jobs. We know the company for its first-rate localization services that it offers to its global clients. It provides an array of job opportunities and has a huge workforce. The projects are numerous and are befitting for most freelancers.  These jobs are mainly no-phone jobs…