Telus Exam Part 1 – How To Pass

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The one-step secret to passing the first part is understanding the guidelines. Please do not skim-read the 160+ pages general guideline and expect to pass with flying colors. For an avid reader, the number of pages may not seem dreadful. But truth is, these hundred pages contain thousands of minute details that need your attention. Each page quotes many links and examples that will help you in understanding the concepts behind ratings, which you need to implement in your exam. Make sure you examine all of them.

The first part of the exam consists of 32 Questions each relating to a particular task. All these 32 questions include 4 true or false statements. Therefore, in total, you will have 128 questions to ponder upon.

What makes this test ‘the easiest’ in the eyes of those who qualified it, is that it is an open book exam. So, you can easily refer to your general guidelines for any question. It is advised to make quick notes or bookmark your study material before the exam so that you can easily access it during the exam.

On encountering familiar keywords in your question, you can use the ‘Find Tool’ in your pdf reader to search for similar information in the study material. If by any chance, you face questions similar to the examples mentioned in guidelines, do not blindly select the same answer. Often, these questions are tricky and fabricated to test your understanding of ratings.

Take your time to analyze and choose the answer based on the concepts you have learned from the entire guideline material and not just one example.
Overall, the questions are not very intricate but require your grasp on the basic concepts revolving around the query, search results, the purpose of a page, relevancy, quality, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) of webpages, website reputation, content of the page, etc.

Every question has a particular time limit (1.5 hrs) to complete it. It requires your undivided attention and concentration, so it is advisable to take short breaks, revitalize your energy, and come back. To do so, make sure you complete a task and then click “Submit and Stop Rating” before leaving. You must complete the question within the time frame. If left incomplete, the task will expire in 90 minutes, and your chances of failing the test increase.

After attending multiple questions if your screen shows “No tasks currently available. Please try again later”, it means that you’ve completed part 1. You will immediately get your results and the link to the next exam if you passed.

We recommend you complete this exam in one day as it is comparatively easier than the rest two. You need to score a minimum passing score of 80% in this section. They will intimate the results of this part of the test to you, through the mail. You can then move towards the 2nd part of the exam.

Although this exam is based on your theoretical knowledge, you should not consider it insignificant as you can only sit for the next two parts after qualifying this one.

If you want to know how to apply at Telus or just want to get help with a Telus exam, feel free to contact us and we will make sure that all your questions are answered.

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