How To Work At Appen

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For starting on Appen you need to go on their web page and get yourself registered. And fill in your country of origin. You may also have to upload a resume. After that you are screened for suitability to different projects and assignments for offer.

It may take a maximum six months for Appen to reply to your job related query. On absence of communication by Appen even after six months ,you may apply again.

You may also have to pass an examination before you get to work on the project and the pass percentage is often as high as 87%.The examination has to be indeed taken seriously. However there are certain assignments in which you can automatically start working.

Even on the same project you may have to continuously update your skills by taking examinations in between.

Appen pays on hourly basis and the bill can be invoiced to Appen at each month end. The hourly rate depends on project to project as well as the Rater’s country of origin and the job profile.

For example,a researcher and data collector in US may expect to earn $9 and $30 respectively. The pay scale in India while is being retained for the old rater’s at $7, the new raters can be expected to be payed at  $3 per hour.

You may also work on multiple projects simultaneously and thus be able to bill a respectable invoice to Appen.

The best thing about online working with Appen is the flexibility of the working hours and the luxury to design your own office timings.

If you are looking for information about a particular Appen exam or want to know how to pass an Appen exam you can get in contact with us via messenger we might take some time to reply but we always will get back to you.

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