What Is The Telus Exam

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Telus is a first-rate company that pays keen attention to the quality of its employees. To ensure the same, it conducts different exams for different job positions, and only those who excel in it are selected.
The Telus exam is a qualification exam primarily given by those who apply for a job at Telus. One of the most sought-after jobs is that of a rater/web assessor, which also requires you to take this test. Your exam plays a central role in the hiring process.
Once you have stepped into the race of raters by submitting your application, you must wait for the company to review your documents and revert to you. This may take weeks to a month depending on the vacancies. In your mail, you will receive the necessary instructions and study material.

Although the exam is based on the study material and guidelines provided to you by the company, it is not a piece of cake. Within a span of a week, they require you to comprehend the guidelines and take the open book exam.
It comprises three parts and is designed in a way to assess your theoretical and practical skills.

  • The first part checks your theoretical knowledge and learning capabilities. Comprising a few baffling questions, it mainly checks your grasp of the concepts involved in the evaluation of webpages. We consider it the easiest out of the three.
  • The second part reflects your practical knowledge involved in rating the quality of pages. It contains some tricky questions but can be correlated to the examples given in the guidelines. Therefore, it can be termed as intermediate to difficult depending on your understanding of the concepts in the guidelines.
  • The third part determines your analytical skills by making you assess the relevancy of webpages. This is the toughest out of all the sections and it is here, where most people flunk.

You may or may not give all the three parts in one go. If you get through this exam with a decent 80% in each section, you will be hired.

It is the golden ticket to your desired job!
If you are aiming to be a rater, you have to carefully and diligently study each portion of the guidelines which are your key to clear this exam.

If you want to know how to apply at Telus or just want to get help with a Telus exam, feel free to contact us and we will make sure that all your questions are answered.

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