Appen Or Telus Which Pays Better

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Appen and Telus are two of the biggest contenders in the enormous market of artificial intelligence. Both have giant clients such as Google and Facebook. Therefore, the projects are very similar and only the pay rates may vary slightly.
The pay for these jobs depends on your location, preferred language, and demand for the job at the time of appointing.

The pay range for Appen varies from $3 per hour to $13 per hour. As per location, Appen pays $3-3.5 per hour to Indians, $11 per hour to Americans, and $13 per hour to Europeans. The company asks you to work 20 hours per week–4hours per day, 5 days per week.

The pay range for Telus varies from $6-$16 per hour. As per location, Telus pays $6-8 per hour to Indians, $10-14 per hour to Americans, and $14-16 per hour to Europeans. The usual work is for 20hour per week. The number of available tasks is almost the same.
Globally, Telus pays better than Appen. Some raters claim that Telus does not only pay better but also provides a friendly work environment and has a very supportive team.

Due to the non-disclosure agreement signed by raters, they do not reveal the exact pay. However, the average pay rates have been mentioned based on publicly available data and have been brought to you after in-depth research.

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