Why is there a low availability of tasks in rater jobs?

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In the era of freelance jobs, one of the most suitable options for most people is the rater job. Simple eligibility criteria, no fancy equipment, no technical degree, and flexible timings are some factors that attract people towards this job. It is a great option for anyone looking for a side gig to make some money. This has increased the demand for these jobs, resulting in a tremendous increase in the number of applicants. This has also affected the availability of tasks. We have enlisted some other factors responsible for the low availability of tasks below-

  • The pandemic and global crisis- It goes without saying that the world is in crisis and almost every sector reflects it. The rating business is no exception. The pandemic has influenced the crowdsourcing business and companies are facing a hard time bringing things back to normal. This has a direct link with the low payments being received by some raters.
  • Low-cost workforce- If you live somewhere in North America and have seen a marked reduction in your wages/payments, blame the market glut. Thanks to globalization, a low-cost workforce is now easily available in developing nations e.g. India, China, and South American countries. The raters in these countries are ready to provide their services at a much cheaper cost which causes an overall salary arbitrage.
  • The number of raters vs the number of tasks- One of the major reasons for the low availability of tasks is the increase in the number of freshers. The same number of tasks which were initially distributed amongst 20 raters is now (hypothetically) available to 80 raters. This has infuriated most experienced raters, as they see a downfall in the number of available tasks. We expect this situation to improve post-pandemic, as more tasks should be available by then.
  • The right timing- It is usually said the task availability is not much regulated, but some experienced raters claim that often there is a certain time range when Lionbridge uploads most tasks. It is important to analyze this time and set your productivity hours in line with this, to complete the maximum number of tasks. Although there are some apps that help you in accepting and tracking tasks, Lionbridge and Appen have lately banned some of them.
  • Your performance- If you frequently see “No tasks are available…” you must consider it as a red flag by your company for your performance. If you deliver unacceptable quality, the algorithm often blocks your account from receiving new tasks.

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