How to increase your productivity while working with Lionbridge?

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Lionbridge is the first choice for every rater. It is because this global leader provides many advantages to its employees. One of these pros is being able to work on your terms with flexible timings and at the comfort of your home. But on the flip side, you can become lazy and distracted while working in a home arrangement. Therefore, making the job seem dull. Here are a few tips to help you revive your energy and channelize it well to complete maximum tasks-

  • Strategical Planning– As a rater, it is important to analyze the time slots when Lionbridge updates the task. A smart move would be to align your work hours with these time slots. Make a shift from your “comfort zone” to “work zone” by carving out a strategic work plan. With regular inputs, you will soon be able to get your gray cells working at that time. This will help you get more tasks.
  • Create a workspace– A major hindrance to productivity in work-from-home jobs is the lack of a work environment. This has a direct impact on a rater as this job requires serious attention. Set up a desk away from distractions, if possible. Set ground rules with people around you to minimize disturbances. This should be the space where you can concentrate and present your best. Lying on the bed, or sofa with the laptop may seem easy but it hampers your activeness. Be active if you want to complete maximum tasks in a given time.
  • Lionbridge extension– Every time you work make sure you log in to the Lionbridge extension otherwise all your hard work will go in vain. Unless you log in, it will not register your work.
    Rejuvenate and Hydrate- This goes without saying that the job of a rater is tedious. It is very important to take brief breaks to rejuvenate. But make sure you don’t end up procrastinating.
    You must stay hydrated during work to increase your concentration levels and productivity.
  • Quality is a priority– Make sure you focus on your quality review. Companies that appoint raters keep a note of their performance. Low-quality work may lead the company to restrict your access to more tasks. However, if you get restricted, complete the simulation tasks to get unrestricted access.
  • Helpful Tools- 
    There are a few chrome extensions that will make your rater job easy!  They help you track your time and number of tasks. For example- Task Timer, AutoRefreshPlus, and MS Excel. Leap force and Lionbridge have banned many such helpful apps like RaterAide. So, we advise you to be cautious when using third-party extensions. They are handy tools to increase your productivity, but they are also risky, keeping in mind the recent bans.
  • Work attire- Now this may sound absurd to you, but your clothes and attire can define your mood. You require a working temperament for work-from-home jobs, and that will definitely not come by chilling in your pajamas.
  • Lionbridge forums– If you are facing any problems related to work, it is always advisable to seek help from someone who is an expert in your field. Lionbridge and other companies have various official and unofficial forums where you can interact with fellow raters and experts.
  • Back to basics– Anything related to rating remains incomplete without mentioning the holy book- Google Guidelines.
    If you feel that your quality is deteriorating, you can always refer to your guidelines. Unlearn, learn, and relearn the guidelines, and get back at work with refreshed concepts.

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