Do You Need To Put Comments In Telus Exam

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Yes, Comment are absolutely compulsory in the exam the part 2 won’t let you submit the task without putting any comment whereas Part 3 lets you submit the task without comment but it is advisable to comment to make sure that you pass

The third part of the exam tests your practical knowledge as it involves the Needs Met tasks. These tasks have a comment section that many people often neglect. But it is important to leave the comments under the rating section of part 3 of the exam. Once you clear the exam and become a full-fledged rater, you may skip commenting under the Needs Met tasks.

If you failed in the 3rd part of the rater’s test and you are wondering what went wrong? It is important to understand your mistakes in the exam. Most likely, they will give you a second attempt and you can rectify your mistakes in this attempt. Constant revision of the guidelines can do this. You should analyze the examples given in the guideline and relate them with the questions you have previously encountered in your exam. This will provide you with a better understanding of the concepts. One common mistake that people do is not paying heed to the comments required in the answers, and then they keep wondering about their low score. It is necessary to write the comments in this part as it shows your understanding of ratings. However, the case is not so, while performing live tasks after you get hired.

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