Appen Yukon Preferred Rater’s Program

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The Preferred Rater’s Program is a program made to recognize, appreciate, and reward high-performing raters working on the Yukon project. To be a part of this program, one has to be in the top league of raters. The competition is tough as this opportunity is attained by a few raters.
Eligibility and Preference
To be eligible for the program, you must have at least one year of experience working on the Yukon Project.

  • Quality Review Feedback
    You must have a minimum of 6 sets of positive ‘quality review feedback’ for Needs Met Tasks, a minimum 3 for Side by Side Tasks, and a minimum of 2 sets in Page Quality Tasks.
    All your feedbacks should show be proof of your high understanding of the guidelines. They should demonstrate your flexibility to complete each task with excellence.
  • Behaviour
    Respectful behaviour with your admin in chats, or towards fellow raters in social forums, etc., will always put you in the good books of the Quality Team. Contrary to this, bad conduct or misbehavior may lead to a warning or other unwanted outcome.
  • Comprehension of the Guidelines
    Needless to say that it requires a true and deep understanding of the guidelines for being a good rater and making it to the top.
  • Performance
    It is necessary to mention that you need to work on your performance to be in that top tier rater group. The quality of your work and your overall performance are the key factors.
  • Comments
    They also take your commenting skills for all task types into consideration for the Preferred Rater’s Program.
  • Excessive Releasing
    It is quite understandable that you may not feel like working on every task and skip some. But if you do this excessively, you will most probably not make it to the Preferred Programmer’s List.
  • Rewards
    The reward that everyone wants is a raise in their salary, and that’s exactly what this program offers you. The rise may vary depending on your location. A person working at $10 is most likely to get $14 after being a part of this program.
    Secondly, your name will be highlighted in green in all the chatrooms. This will set you apart from all others and will show that you have earned the Preferred Rater tag.

Maintaining the position
What should you do to maintain your position?

  • Standards
    It is very hard to be a part of the program, but it is equally hard to maintain your status in the program. You can only do it by continuously providing high-standard work.
  • Scores
    Your scores should be ‘Exceeds Expectations’. This will confirm your seat and will not put you at the risk of probation. ‘Meets expectations’ may work for a certain period of time, but ultimately, you must up your game if you want to stay in the program.

You still have to follow everything you did to reach here. If your scores and performance keep fluctuating, they will put you under a probation period.
So what leads to probation?

  • Low Score
    A continuous ‘Meets expectations’ score may lead to your probation period. Make sure that you score high enough. Three low scores will indicate to the Quality team that you’ve not been working up to the mark. Therefore, you must improve your performance while being in the probation period.
  • Poor commenting
    As already mentioned commenting has a big role to play in your selection. They give similar importance to it, even in the program. Your poor commenting skills can land you in the probation period.
  • Work on all areas
    You landed in The Preferred Rater’s Program because of your ‘overall performance’. Therefore, it’s very important that you work on all types of tasks and your all-around performance. If you do not work well in even one area, you’ll end up on probation.
  • Substandard work
    In a year, two substandard and unacceptable review scores will put you in the bad books of the Quality team and lead to your probation period.
  • Others
    Excessive releasing of tasks is not a good sign. Any misbehavior or unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated at all, and you can be thrown out of the program straight away.

Important Points

  • You can be sent for a probation period only twice. After that, you will not be a part of the program and will have to start from scratch to get enrolled again.
  • While you’re in the probation period, you will be reviewed twice, and you have to score well in both the reviews to stay in the Rater’s Preferred Program.
  • It is the ultimate decision of the Quality team to terminate you from the program right away or to put you on a probation period.

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